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Your carbon reduction purchases will eliminate emissions from the use of home heating oil and will replace oil heating systems in lower income homes with clean and efficient air source heat pumps.


How Our Program Works

The Alaska Carbon Reduction Fund (formerly the Juneau Carbon Offset Fund) is Renewable Juneau's unique approach to improving the affordability of housing in coastal Alaska as well as our tool to assist you in grappling with your personal carbon. The Fund reduces home heating costs for lower income households by providing them with air-source heat pumps as replacement for fossil fuel heating systems. Each installed heat pump eliminates the need for roughly 500 gallons of diesel fuel annually while reducing each home's carbon creation from by about 11,000 pounds per year.

Renewable Juneau designed the Alaska Carbon Reduction Fund to create a long term, effective means to assist lower income families with high home heating costs. The Fund's carbon-reducing options target both local individuals and businesses, as well as visitors to Alaska, to build an income stream that funds the installation of heat pumps and educates homeowners about system operation and maintenance.

Your payments will not only make these heating system conversions possible, but will eliminate the carbon dioxide that results from burning home heating diesel oil. The Fund's web pages will allow you to choose how to compensate for your carbon production.

If you want a detailed approach, choose our Calculator page. Here you'll find a method to pinpoint and summarize the carbon footprint of your personal life over the course of one year.

If you want to just get right to it, our One Click page will allow you to offset quickly and easily, using preset options for your home, car and travel.

If you are a visitor to Juneau, we offer you the opportunity to offset carbon from your chosen tourism-related activities. Visit the Juneau Visitor page to purchase offsets for your flight, cruise, flightseeing outing and whale watching trips.

Lastly, we offer you the very simple option of a quick donation.

If you'd like to learn more about air source heat pumps, visit Renewable Juneau for detailed information on how they function and how they are reshaping the entire heating industry across the globe.

Reduce your impact AND help lower-income families.
It couldn’t be quicker and easier – a small effort for a large impact!

Personal Calculator
If you desire a focused approach, use our calculator, load the impact into a cart, purchase, and be on your way!

Juneau Visitor
If you’re visiting Alaska, we can assist with carbon assiciated with your flight, cruise, marine excursion, or other carbon-heavy adventure.

Quick and easy, custom select your car type, your home size, and your air time to estimate your carbon impact.

We thank the following supporters:


David came over this morning and turned the heat pump on for the first time. We turned the furnace off and our home has NEVER been this warm before, lol. We are LOVING it! The work that has been done is incredible and we couldn’t be happier!! Our youngest daughter is “ALWAYS COLD” and after the gentleman left and the heat pump stayed on, now she says “I love our home now…it feels so nice and toasty.” I just wanted to pass this message on to you. We couldn’t be happier!!

– Carla and Lance Nesbitt

Thanks and appreciation to the Juneau Carbon Offset Fund for decreasing Juneau’s fossil fuel consumption while providing such a meaningful benefit to local residents! The work you are doing is so amazing. Thank you!!

– Lillian Petershoare, applicant

We have noticed our house is much warmer! It feels like there is a tropical breeze is blowing through the house. The heat pump heats our bedrooms more efficiently too, more than the diesel stove did, which is great. No more space heaters and so far, no need for oil. Our recent electric bill was only up $10 from last the same month last year! Thanks so much to all who support this great program!

– Kelly Dunivan, Juneau Carbon Offset heat pump recipient, family of 4

“First! I can’t believe that the Juneau Carbon Offset Fund and Renewable Juneau chose me as the first recipient of renewable energy heating through their Carbon Offset Fund! No more oil, no more oil bills, no more diesel smell. Clean, dry, quiet, warm, and I’m told, at half the monthly cost! I just survived cancer treatment and as a retired and single woman with limited income, this clean energy addition to my creaky 1904 Douglas home takes a huge weight off my shoulders. Thank you Renewable Juneau! I actually feel like I’m now living in a real home! My feet are warm!”

– Jan Gonce, first heat pump recipient of the Juneau Carbon Offset Fund

Administrative assistance provided by the Juneau Community Foundation.
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The Juneau Community Foundation has added the Alaska Carbon Reduction Fund to its portfolio of special projects. This relationship places partial financial oversight of the Fund’s revenues under the expert and respected management of the Juneau Community Foundation!

Renewable Juneau works in the traditional lands of the Áak’w Kwáan (People of Auke Lake Region) in Lingít Aaní (Tlingit Country). 
We thank and respect these First Alaskans for their ancestral and present stewardship of this land.
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