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32, 33, 34…

Yep. It’s on. The word is out. Heat pumps are ‘in’ and everybody wants one!

Our efforts are paying off and less and less do we hear, ‘What’s a heat pump?’ More and more we hear, ‘What heat pump does my home need? What programs, incentives, and credits are available to help me get there? How much money can I save?’

This is the new home heating reality. And it should be. With perhaps 2000+ pumps in town, saving homeowners money, warming and drying homes, eliminating emissions, odors, fuel spill risks, etc., heat pumps are the no-brainer heating solution. A horse and buggy are to an electric car what oil and an inefficient boiler are to a locally hydroelectric powered heat pump. They are simple, effective, efficient, local.

Our Progress!

The Juneau Carbon Offset Fund has just completed three more lower-income home heating projects. Thirty four to date. (Another three should be completed next week!) We’ve put into play generous carbon offset purchases of the Kensington Mine, the many summer visitors to Above and Alaska Adventures, lovers of Sentinel Coffee, and numerous individuals who’ve offset carbon from flights, cars, oil heating, and more at our web store. Have you? If not, why wait? Don’t miss out on all the feel-good fun!

These three recent heat pump installations will eliminate the need for roughly 1600 annual gallons of heating oil. 36,000 pounds of annual CO2. 18 tons! Nixed! The Fund has nearly eliminated oil use in a north Douglas home, removed the need for a mountain of wood pellets in a central valley mobile home, and is warming a gaggle of kids in a (previously) oil thirsty valley household.

Our Team!

The Juneau Carbon Offset Fund thanks the skilled contractors who help to make these projects possible. They’re busy, overworked, understaffed, and they do good work! You can find their contact info on Alaska Heat Smart’s ‘resources’ page.

  • David Nash | Panhandle Heat Pumps
  • Daniel Leder | Tidal Electric
  • John Howard | Kusi.aat’ Kaa’ Refrigeration, LLC
  • Bill Bouyer and Brad Baker | Juneau Electric

Programs, Incentive, Tax Credits

Do you know a household that could benefit from a heat pump? From financial assistance in obtaining a heat pump? There has never been more opportunity in Juneau to receive help in bringing heat pumps to the masses! From full direct assistance, to financial incentives, to tax credits, opportunities abound. Read all about these opportunities at the informative website of our partner Alaska Heat Smart. Their programs and tax credit information can help you and help your friends. Share the love, share the info, tell others, now’s the time!

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