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THANK YOU to everyone who has believed in and supported Renewable Juneau and our Carbon Offset Fund! We are truly a grassroots, people-driven, non-profit organization relying almost entirely on donations and carbon offset purchases to do the work that we do.

Can we count on your support this Giving Tuesday as we prepare to embark on our newest journey?
100% Renewable by 2050!

We know this is ambitious.
We know it won’t be easy and we know that it will take an outpouring of support and community effort. Renewable Juneau is on board. Are you?

Can we count on your support this Giving Tuesday as we prepare to tackle this effort to move Juneau to a fossil-free future? The Renewable Juneau board has been busy pulling together our ‘Vision for the Community’ and an action plan to make this vision reality. Once finalized we’ll give you the details. In short, we’re hoping for financial programs to make heat pumps and electric vehicles more affordable, increased home and work place energy efficiency, expanded electric vehicle use and infrastructure, cruise ship docks that allow ships to plug in while at port, expansion of our carbon offset program and lower-income home heating assistance, mines that don’t need diesel for power generation, and much more!

Supporting our work is easy. Click on one of the boxes below!

Again, thank you for your support. Don’t hesitate to contact us with questions, ideas, volunteer support, or any other renewable energy concerns or interests you may have!

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