What’s Your ‘Local’ Superpower?

Climate change, global warming, superstorms, rising sea levels, burning forests, human migration…they all add up to a daunting sense of oppression, doom and gloom, and hopelessness. With such massive problems seemingly all around us, many struggle to know how to proceed, how to make a positive change, and how to engage. Following is one individual’s … Continue reading What’s Your ‘Local’ Superpower?

JCOF Recruited by Tidelines Institute

Alaska’s Tidelines Institute has recruited the Juneau Carbon Offset Fund to provide carbon-reducing services and an educational opportunity for two of its 2021 summer course offerings. Tidelines Institute is dedicated to education, research, and community. In its field-based courses, students undertake wilderness exploration, subsistence living, and a rigorous scientific curriculum and research, honing tangible scientific … Continue reading JCOF Recruited by Tidelines Institute

How Do Carbon Offsets Work?

Even though carbon offsetting has become fairly commonplace as a carbon footprint shrinking tool, many would-be offsetters still have lingering questions. In her great encapsulation of offsetting in the Washington Post, Sarah Kaplan distills the valuable practice and makes it accessible. Without systemic changes in the way society functions — an electric grid powered completely … Continue reading How Do Carbon Offsets Work?