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Help with Certification of JCOF: Comment Period Open through December 1!

Here’s your opportunity to strengthen the Juneau Carbon Offset Fund! A couple of minutes of your time to submit a short comment may help to bring JCOF international recognition and greater business involvement.

One step at a time. That’s been our mantra here at Renewable Juneau as we continue to leap hurdles in pursuit of international certification of our Juneau Carbon Offset Fund. Just yesterday, November 1, VERRA, a global leader that develops and manages standards that help the private sector, countries, and civil society achieve sustainable development and climate action goals, has listed the Juneau Carbon Offset Fund in its project registry. It took us over a year to reach this point and until December 1, VERRA is seeking public comments on what is called our ‘SD Vista Project Description’, a fancy name for the document that describes the Fund’s processes, practices, and goals in detail. In short, certification will provide JCOF a respected and leading outside agency’s independent stamp of approval, a requirement of many businesses who seek to partner with legitimate carbon offset programs.

If you have comments on the Juneau Carbon Offset Fund, have been impacted by the Fund, have offset with the Fund, or have been one of more than three dozen recipients of a Fund air source heat pump, please take a few moments and offer your input to VERRA.

The listing page can be found on Verra’s website. Under the introductory paragraph is a comment input dialog box where you can offer your thoughts. Below that is a link to the project description file, also available for download from here. Before you submit your comments, copy the text in the dialog box so you can email it to us at:

More details on VERRA’s SD Vista certification program can be found on their SD Vista page. And, on VERRA’s ‘For Stakeholders’ page is a listing of projects open for public comment. Clicking on ‘View All Projects’ at the bottom of the page takes you to more drop down menus. Under the ‘SD Vista Projects’ dropdown you can find the description and link shown in the following image:

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