Local Shout Out!

Thank you to Alaska Litho and Panhandle Heat Pumps!

It’s easy for most of us to feel overwhelmed by climate change and to feel completely helpless to do anything about it. One solution that works for many is to focus on the issue closer to home. Trying to ‘save the planet’ is no doubt a massively oppressive concept! But, if we aim to take a tiny piece of the problem, and throw at it whatever ideas and energy we can, headway can will be made! This global issue requires that we ‘look local first’ as the CBJ marketing jingle goes! Renewable Juneau board member Sally Saddler summarized it well stating that, “We support our small, locally-owned businesses because they support us!” What comes around, goes around!

Two Juneau businesses have joined forces (even though they don’t know it!) to save the Juneau Carbon Offset Fund nearly $1000 on expenses! Alaska Litho’s Travis McCain and Panhandle Heat Pump’s David Nash are open to solutions and are helping to lower the cost of our next six lower-income home heat pump installations!

The Fund and Panhandle Heat Pumps have teamed up to purchase our first bulk heat pump order, David buying four and the Fund buying six. David will be installing two of these for the Fund’s next two successful applicant’s this week, our eighth and ninth! And, Travis has made free storage space available at Alaska Litho to house the four extra heat pumps until it is time to install them.

The entire board of Renewable Juneau and the Advisory Committee of the Juneau Carbon Offset Fund shout out a sincere thanks to these two local companies for their creativity, flexibility, and willingness to help cut our costs! The lower our costs, the more families we’re able to serve!

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