JCOF heat pump #38

Less Carbon, More Money!

The Juneau Carbon Offset Fund completes home heat pump installation and carbon reduction project number 38!

A Juneau valley home is now ‘pumping heat’ as at least one local heat pump installer is known to say! This small single family home, now warm and dry and saving money thanks to its new 18K Daikin Aurora heat pump, struggled like many this winter. Fuel prices soared with the war in Ukraine, temps were chilly, and a delivery of 100 gallons of heating fuel during each of the cold months meant an additional $500+ bill. For a new family living on a single income, these oil and winter realities presented challenges, tightened belts, and in the case of this family, meant lowered indoor temperatures and extra layers to try to conserve the volume in the tank and delay the next billing cycle.

Don’t Wait Till Fall

You may have noticed that JCOF heat pump installs are taking longer and longer to complete. Our scant supply of local contractors is strained to the max. Busy crews they are and their work load means that a home can sit in the queue for quite a while before project completion is realized. We’re thankful for all of these hard working folks and realize that while having an excess of business may be reassuring, it comes with stress, some grumpy customers, impatient homeowners, and tired workers. Spring is the time of year when many homeowners may not be thinking much about heat. Typically a bit of a lull comes about now, giving crews a chance to catch up, tackle other projects, or even jump on the boat and get away for a spell.

Well, this may not be your year to put off plans for your heat pump. Lines are long and wait times can be significant. The crew over at Alaska Heat Smart tell us that demand for their free home heat pump assessments typically dips about now as folks open windows, put on shorts, and on the very rare day, fire up the AC if they already have a heat pump.

The graph above shows that 2023 has not produced the typical Q2 assessment application slow down. Both Renewable Juneau and Alaska Heat Smart believe that continued educational efforts, increasing public awareness of heat pump benefits, continued high heating oil prices, and generous financial incentives for heat pump installs from both the federal government and AK Heat Smart are keeping interest and demand high.

So, our message to you if you’re looking for a heat pump for your home? Don’t wait! Have AK Heat Smart assess your home or business space now, learn what will work best for your space, and seek quotes from contractors! If you want till fall, you’ll have your heat pump in by spring and you’ll have missed six months of heating season savings. That savings by the way? An average of $1,700 for an oil-burning Juneau home and $1,200 for an electric resistance heated home.


These figures do not consider today’s amazing discounted pricing available with up to $2,000 off the project cost with the federal IRA tax credit AND an additional up to $3,000 off if you qualify for the maximum AHS Clean Heat Incentive Program. $5,000 off?? What are you waiting for?

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