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Allen Marine Partners with the Juneau Carbon Offset Fund

Renewable Juneau is thrilled to share its latest Juneau Carbon Offset Fund partnership – Southeast Alaska tourism leader Allen Marine!

We are proud to partner with and support the valuable work of Renewable Juneau’s Carbon Offset Fund,” stated Jaimie Palmer, Vice President of Product Development & Guest Experience for Allen Marine Tours. The fund’s commitment to carbon reduction and lower income family assistance are a winning combination that we are excited to highlight throughout our regional operations. This season our cruise ship guests will have the opportunity to contribute to and learn about the carbon offset fund while aboard our 114+ tours throughout the inside passage. This partnership will help to expand the efforts of Renewable Juneau into Ketchikan, Sitka, and Yakutat through strategic partnerships and impact our friends and neighbors region wide. Our commitment to sustainability is second only to safety and we are very proud of this partnership and highlighting regenerative tourism efforts.

Allen Marine Tours is an Alaska Native-owned, family business, and one of the oldest tour companies in Alaska. They have been cruising the pristine waters of the Inside Passage for over 50 years. They currently operate vessels from the ports of Juneau, Ketchikan, Sitka, and Yakutat. As stated on their website, “All of our day-cruises are thoughtfully designed to provide our guests with the best means possible to view and learn about the wilderness and wildlife of Southeast Alaska and provide insight into the human history & cultures of the people who live here.”

How It Works!

Independent travelers aboard Allen Marine Tour vessels will have the option to opt out of a small carbon reduction fee when they book their Alaska outings online. Passengers who booked through their cruise line will also have an opportunity to contribute on board. Revenue generated by those who opt in for the $2/guest carbon reduction fee will be collected per home port and used in the same manner that Juneau Carbon Offset Fund (JCOF) revenues have assisted 38 lower-income families in Juneau. On-the-ground JCOF partners will find program applicants and for those who qualify and whose homes pass muster with a home energy assessment, hydro-powered air source heat pumps will be installed in their homes. In short, guests of Allen Marine will have their ‘responsibility payments’ reduce carbon emissions in the community they’ve visited. Plus, they’ll contribute to greatly reducing annual heating bills of recipient families!

The average JCOF heat pump project costs $7,000 and saves a family an average of $1,700 every year. Heating equipment manufacturers state a minimum 15-year lifespan for these cold-climate heat pumps. All passengers on board will learn about JCOF’s carbon-reducing program from AMT crew who will explain the low cost and great benefit of their individual carbon-reducing actions. 

“It takes a village,” says Allen Marine Tours Director of Guest Experience, Caitlyn Ellis. “Our region’s visitors have an impact on our communities, and we aim to make the impact of our tours carbon neutral. The $2/person fee was determined based upon season participant numbers and impacts – made clear from the carbon impact calculation sheets provided by JCOF. This partnership is a win for our guests, for Allen Marine Tours, for JCOF, and for the families whose lives will be improved through this small yet thoughtful action!”

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Allen Marine has a wide variety of incredible outings that span the best of southeast Alaska. And, you can take your Allen Marine carbon reduction to the next level by addressing the carbon from your cruise, your flight, or even your day to day life! It’s quick, meaningful, won’t break the bank.

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