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New Buildings Institute Chooses JCOF!

NBI offsets staff airline mileage by reducing carbon emissions from a Juneau valley home!

Portland, Oregon’s NBI recently teamed up with the Juneau Carbon Offset Fund as to counter carbon impacts created from work travel by their project staff. NBI’s choice of a JCOF carbon-reducing project helped to make the Crowley family home in the valley warmer, dryer, cleaner, and much less expensive to heat. The Crowley’s will not need to shell out nearly $2,000 for 400 gallons of home heating oil each year from here on out.

Working with the Juneau Carbon Offset Fund is part of the solution for NBI. Our work with a reputable organization like the Juneau Carbon Offset Fund helped us understand the climate impacts of our travel in a very specific and worthwhile case study. And, because we purchased the offsets while simultaneously working to reduce our travel, we had a meaningful and measurable impact.

New Buildings Institute (NBI) works collaboratively with industry market players—governments, utilities, energy efficiency advocates and building professionals—to promote advanced design practices, innovative technologies, public policies and programs that improve energy efficiency at the highest levels and decarbonize the built environment.

Throughout its 25-year history, NBI has become a trusted and independent resource helping to drive buildings that are better for people and the environment.

We will continue to fuel innovation that accelerates adoption of “next” practice in energy performance by the energy efficiency and building industries. We are helping to create a future where the built environment represent an effective use of resources, a positive force against climate change, and a driver for local economies that creates jobs and saves money for homeowners and business on energy costs.

Read NBI’s recent blog post on their work with voluntary carbon markets and the Juneau Carbon Offset Fund.

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